IBEX Global Pakistan

Over the past decade, Pakistan has emerged as an attractive destination for offshore outsourcing. Pakistan offers a robust and competitively priced telecom and physical infrastructure. English is the official language for all business and legal matters and with the country producing over 400, 000 college graduates per year; Pakistan provides a high-quality and low-cost solution. Total infrastructure and labor costs are approximately 30% less than those in other prominent BPO offshore destinations, such as India and the Philippines.

IBEX Global Pakistan is the country's largest provider of BPO services with 4 locations in Karachi and Lahore – Pakistan's largest cities and financial centres.
IBEX Global Pakistan set up its operations in 1999 by establishing a contact centre in Lahore with a total strength of 50 employees. It became the first listed IT-enabled services company of Pakistan. Today, IBEX Global Pakistan is over 1,200 employees strong and counting. Its team of professionals is providing several Fortune 1000 companies with unparalleled support across Contact centre, IT services, Finance & other back office functions. It is amongst the top 30 public companies in Pakistan and has performed the largest equity raising at Karachi Stock Exchange in the past decade.

Fully-Equipped, Modern Facilities

At IBEX Global Pakistan, we rely on state-of-the-art opera­tional platforms and proven management and training processes to deliver the consistency and quality your customers deserve. Operating 24/7/365, our facilities offer maximum flexibility to serve your customers at their convenience. IBEX Global has become a leader in the industry by developing a team of high caliber professionals. All of the Pakistan operations are performed by our locally trained staff. Our employees are all graduates from the country's top schools and their skills are further enhanced by IBEX Global's propri­etary communication skills program. This eliminates communication barriers between agents and customers- an essential aspect of successful outsourced operations. Our highly experienced management team oversees all operations and promotes IBEX Global's culture of excellence.

Network Infrastructure

We maintain redundant paths with MPLS and Internet network which connect to two redundant data center locations.

Under Sea Cables include redundant paths and carriers:
MPLS connectivity includes:

Network latency SLAs for U.S to the Pakistan (POP to POP) is less than 300 ms for voice. The network is a shared network that is segmented by client campaign and users specific to each program. Kaspersky anti-virus software is installed on all systems and centrally managed. Encryption is used whenever sensitive information is transmitted over a publicly accessible network. Methods of encryption used include VPN, SSL, SFTP.


To provide reliable, consistent, & predictable performance


To build the industry's most dynamic team of customer service and marketing associates and deliver cost-effective, high impact customer management strategies to the world's leading organizations


Our core values are beyond just words. They are beliefs that penetrate deeply into our culture. Our employees embody each value and live by them in their everyday work. Our values are the foundation upon which we deliver unsurpassed value and exceptional solutions to our clients every day.


Our integrity ensures our credibility. Honor your commitments and take ownership of your actions. Our words and deeds are truthful and reliable.


Treat others the way we want to be treated and create a culture of mutual appreciation, regard and value. Act towards others with dignity and help one another succeed. 


Clear, candid and open communication must drive all interactions.  Transparency makes our actions understood, creates reliability and fosters collaboration. We maintain and encourage straightforward dialogue with our employees, clients and stakeholders.


Strive for excellence in all that we do. Take great pride in your work as each employee's contribution is vital towards delivering exceptional customer service to our clients. Provide this extraordinary experience and reward superior performance.


Karachi is the financial hub of Pakistan, with a large talent pool of employable professionals.


IBEX Global traces its beginnings to Lahore- a city of dynamic professionals with diverse language skills.